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Can Erdogan is a Berlin based turkish composer and pianist, whose works include a range from music for theater and film, chamber music and prepared piano. 
She was born (1979) and raised in Turkey. After graduation in classical piano at National Conservatory in Eskisehir, she moved to Germany in 2000, where she studied at University of Music Karlsruhe. In 2006, she was awarded a post graduate diploma in Film Scoring & Sound Design at Film Academy Baden-Württemberg.
She released in Febraury 2021 her first single "
Dom Dom Kursunu" from her upcoming album "22/5". All compositions on this album are based on well known Turkish folk songs and recorded acoustically with her prepared piano. She deconstructs and redesigns the structures and harmonies of the suffering Anatolian music into e new mix of neo-classic, jazz or even a little bit techno. 
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