The six part mini series will be broadcast on 01.-02.12.2020, 00:15 on ZDF Neo.

Music composed for the episodes 9&10.

Directed by Maryam Zaree, Alexander Lindh. Produced by Studio Zentral.

A future film by Nadine Heinze & Marc Dietschreit, produced by Ziegler Film Baden-Baden. Original score composed with Daniel Sus.

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A little oratory composed for choir and chamber ensemble. World premier at the music festival "Mendelssohntage Aarau" on 10.11.19 in Switzerland.

TV-Premiere on 08.03.2019 at 20:15 on ARTE

Directed by Alexandra Sell, produced by Flare Film, ZDF, ARTE.

The future film will be released in German cinemas from 12.04.2018.

Directed by Mijke de Jong, produced by Topkapi Film.